Frank Lenz – Pyramid

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Pyramid, the new EP by Frank Lenz, is nothing short of magic. It’s not indie rock and it’s not a film score. It’s an intentional instrumental project with flawless fluidity. If you liked the more experimental side of Lenz’s 2013 Water Tiger, this one will not disappoint.

The primary instruments are analog synths, the kind that are clunky and sound oh so good. Frank also throws in drums like only he can. Additional synthesizers by David Vandervelde, and bass covered by Elijah Thomson, who also played in the three-piece on the Richard Swift’s (RIP) debut album. The sound variations are impeccably acute and well-planned.

For the best listening experience, I would recommend strapping on some headphones. Then pour yourself a nice beverage and be taken down mystical paths, dark caves and expansive valleys. There are even excursions into the funky and psychedelic. If you’ve dipped your toe into the streams of Brian Eno, say from a decade ago, or Amon Tobin, this is your ride.

I loved the “Metronix” track, which starts out subdued and somber. Chaotic drums work their way in and build up to a bass/key cacophony. “Ohm Eye God” continues with random piano playfulness, all the while an eery synth background gives it a horror story atmosphere. The EP ends on a majestic tone with “Tiger Beat Singalong,” a lush yet unapologetically busy display of electronic madness. This is Frank Lenz as Mr. Hyde behind his array of old school keys.

By the time you’ve fully immersed yourself in these tracks, you will be left wanting more.

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