Moral DK – Cold in August

Since Moral DK made it on the cover and into an article for this issue, it is past time to review their killer debut album. At least, I should get this review out before their upcoming second album is unleashed. Moral DK played some new songs at AudioFeed 2022 and they were incredible. But this review is for their debut album. For those that don’t know, Moral DK is comprised of members of Undercover, Black & White World, Altar Boys, and other well known 80s/90s bands. Their sound is kind of a dark, heavy, gothic driving style – you can hear the influence of the various members’ bands on the sound. Of course, there are several current or former members of Undercover in this band, so that is one of the most notable sonic palettes in the mix. Several songs sounds like they could have been on a missing album in between Balance of Power and Devotion. But the DK boys also mix in many other styles as well. If you don’t have this CD, be sure to get a copy (I believe Boone’s Overstock has copies) before the new album drops soon.

[2019 Independent | Purchase: Boone’s Overstock]

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