MAP – History, Mystery, and Gifts: Writer’s Block, Pt. 2

For those that missed it, this is the follow-up ep to 2017’s Hello Singularity: Writer’s Block, Pt. 1. Both releases are current digital-only eps that you can stream or buy at many of your favorite digital music outlets. If you have been a fan of MAP, this ep continues their development as a band into even tighter levels of awesomeness. For those that aren’t already fans of the band, MAP is an alternative rock band that does the whole dreamy / melancholy modern rock sound very well. MAP front man Josh Dooley has been a member of bands like Pony Express, Starflyer 59, and Fine China. A mixture of those three bands is kind of a good starting reference for the sound here as well. The only problem is that this kind of music screams for the vinyl treatment, and it is not like MAP music has never been released on vinyl. I would even settle for a cassette release just to hear this kind of music in a more natural format for it. But for now, it looks like these will be digital only, and VBM indicates that CDBaby is the best place to get those digital files.

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