Michael Knott – All Indie EP II

While the date on this one says “2021,” it was actually released at the end of December and many see this as a 2022 release. Also, with nine full-length songs, it is technically longer that most LPs. But, regardless, Michael Knott is back and this EP is a great collection of songs. But it’s kind of hard to pinpoint why exactly – it is Knott doing some acoustic and some alt rock. A little experimental at times, a little pop at times. It even has won praise from some fans that didn’t quite like PTSD or Heaven High. I liked both, by the way – it’s just that this album is different than those, while still a familiar mix of Strip Cycle, Rocket and a Bomb, and Life of David. Songs like “Army” and “Love & Money” have a good amount of rock and guitar bite, while songs like “Dream Into You” that are haunting and beautiful. Also, Knott’s previously released song “Photographs in Time” is included here as well. Unfortunately, the limited edition CD-R copies seem to be all sold out, but you can still listen and buy the digital version on BandCamp.

[2021 Independent | Purchase: BandCamp]

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