Jeff Elbel + PING – The Threefinger Opera

After waiting for about 9 years, we finally have a new Jeff Elbel + PING release. And my, my was it worth the wait. While Elbel and company tend to run in the alternative rock circles, there is a certain quality to their music that also transcends that label. Plus add in a quirky sense of humor, and you have one of 2021’s must get releases (or 2023 if you missed it when it came out). Hopefully you have watched the fun video to the hilarious and catchy tune “Rhyme Dictionary” (recorded at the AudioFeed 22 festival) on YouTube. If not, go fix that right now. But there are also serious rocking tunes such as “Like Lightning” and “Mr. Madarakkis” that you just want to repeat over and over. There are even some hints of folk and Americana here and there – along with incredible musicianship of the regular and gust musicians. Oh, and this one is also available on vinyl – a great format to enjoy this opera on as well. Give it a listen at BandCamp and then get the record before they are gone.

[2021 Marathon Records | Purchase: BandCamp]

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