Pain by Veil of Ashes

Originally intended as the first part of a trilogy, Pain was a worthy release by this band when they were just getting started. I still think it was an edgy decision to open the album with a Dylan song, especially in Christian music circles circa 1989. The thing I loved about Veil of Ashes was that they dealt with real issues and sang about stuff that affected most people. They weren’t with the “happy, go lucky” crowd of the day, they dealt with stuff that was real and sincere, and they asked the tough questions. With a name that was taken from a 77’s song (a little trivia there), you would expect great music with an honest message from this band. This line-up consisted of Sean Doty, Sterling (Brian Kirsch), Phil Meads and Lance Harris, with contributions from Steve Hindalong, Derri Daugherty and the sorely missed Gene Eugene. This was early alternative Christian rock from a band that put out several great releases, courted their fair share of controversy, and left the scene too soon. You can probably find this indie rock record through eBay, or you can check it out through Veil of Ashes Facebook page. They were kind enough to upload all their songs for fans to enjoy. Stay tuned to the Facebook page as well, there appears to be something on the horizon.

[1989 Graceland Records | Purchase: Ebay]

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