Steve’s Corner August 2009

This was quite an exciting issue to put together. I love many different genres of music, and the “goth” scene is one of those. Defining “goth” is about the same as defining “punk”. It means different things to different people. There are some definite elements that are the same across the board, but really it is hard to pin down exactly what “goth” is. The bands in this issue are powerful and full of emotion which is something that I love. I think we chose bands that run the gamut of styles within the goth scene. I first started listening to this style of music when I was a teenager, and interviewing Brian Healy was very cool. I have been a fan of Dead Artist Syndrome since I first heard Prints Of Darkness, I was probably only 16 or 17 then. Look for Brian to also start contributing some articles and interviews here at Down The Line. I can assure you, he is entertaining…

I did want to include Saviour Machine in this issue. It isn’t fair to do an all goth issue and not have Eric Clayton in here. We tried to line that up. I am a HUGE fan of Saviour Machine, I have loved their music since day one, and I listen to them routinely. The Mask 1 album is tattooed down my right forearm, and I have some of Eric’s lyrics tattooed on my left forearm… yes, I am a fan! I will say this and this only, Eric will have his say at Down The Line… keep your eyes opened in the future!

So, read on! We ask for feedback as this issue should stir many readers here, Brian’s interview is quite provoking. Let us know what you like, who else you want to see in future issues, and please visit the websites of these bands, check them out and help support their art!

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