Tim McAllister returns…

I first found out about Flock 14 after I had purchased the World Theatre release and absolutely fell in love with it. I think I bought the tape because the name and the artwork appealed to me, but what I discovered between the reels was so fresh and unlike anything else that I had ever heard in Christian music at the time. I didn’t know who Tim McAllister was then, but his music left a solid impression on me as a teenager, and I’ve carried the fondness for his music into middle age.

I know comparisons are lame, but no band in the “Christian” realm came close to capturing the “feel” of a band like The Cure for me…until I heard World Theatre. They had that emotionally dense, dark and heavy sound. The music was punctuated by McAllister’s melancholy drenched vocals that absolutely carried the vibe and the aura of the music. It was amazing stuff. That kind of amazing music that doesn’t come around with another release unfortunately, BUT there is going to be an acoustic gig with World Theatre/Flock 14 in Portland on Saturday May 31st!

All the details are here…  https://www.facebook.com/events/853822777967416/

If you are anywhere around Portland you should really check this out. I wish I lived closer, I’ve never seen Tim McAllister live, and that means I hope some kind and generous soul records this with audio and/or video and hits me up at brokenagain143@yahoo.com Go to the show and support great music!

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  1. tim mcallister says:

    very kind of you Steve. It’s been good to get to know you these last few years.

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