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The new SP3 record has been one that fans of the entitiy CUSH have been waiting on for a long time. I was super stoked to get this for a review, and almost asked to get it sooner than I did just because I hard a hard time waiting to hear it knowing that it was completed. Fortunately, a little self control and patience paid off…in spades! In what I hope honors this offering of songs, I’m going to discuss the music first, and then a little info on CUSH last. The music here is the goal, the art is the destination…the players, even as is important as they are, are mere details standing next to the manifestation of the music.

This release has really blown my mind for numerous reasons, and the format as well as the art/video that accompanies each song is a really impressive package of art. The music that comes from this band is always unique and challenging, challenging in a way that is a very reflective experience for me. It’s an album that brings out the postive side of human nature and the emotions that coincide with that, as well as a very sombre and thoughtful dwelling on Christ that is deep and liberating at the same time. The music here creates a vehicle and relays the story through the ambience and the sounds of a very different style of Cush record than I’ve heard before. That alone adds to the aura and the mystery of Cush.

SP3 is truly the best album that Cush has ever delivered, and that’s noticable in the first song. I find this to be hands down the best release by whoever contributed on this record. Cush does not identify any specific players in the band, I have my lists of usual suspects that I hope are in here, but who knows. The music is absolutely the driving force here, and the talent on this record is of the calibre that I wish more people had access to hear it and spread the word.

It’s hard to convey it through a review, this is one that must be experienced through listening (with headphones), and really absorbing the sounds that are communicated. This gem is available on vinyl too, with brilliant packaging to boot! This quote in the bio summs it up…

What matters is the attention the authors paid to detail, except the one detail of who the author really is. But all of this, even the delivery of this album, is a symbol of the concept of SP3. It is as if it cannot be helped.

And when you think you got it, allow for the possibility that you didn’t – and listen again.”

~ Jesse Nason

Support this release with your purchase, your ears and mind will thank you.

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