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Time for Something New

We are always looking for new ideas and directions at DTL. Not too long from now, be looking out for the new Down The Line podcast called “Basement Tapes”, hosted by Mike Indest of Motonaut. Mike is going to be highlighting bands and artists you might not have heard of, but need to.

Also coming in the near future is an updated website. We are going to feature reviews of music as we get them on the new site – that way bands don’t have to wait a few months to get reviewed. We’ll still publish the reviews in the magazine, but readers of the site will get first view of them.

There are also other ideas being kicked around – but if you have some, let us know! We are always up for good ideas.

Action Spotlight:

Don’t just complain about the world – do something to change it

Microcredit is “the extension of very small loans (microloans) to the unemployed, to poor entrepreneurs and to others living in poverty who are not considered bankable.” While some institutions take advantage of the poor by charging high interest rates, some organizations provide microloans that allow the poor to start a business and learn to provide for themselves. Once these businesses are sustainable, the business owner can repay the loan and start helping others to start small businesses. The goal is to help people willing to work to begin supporting themselves. Organizations like Kiva (http://www.kiva.org) can make this process easy for those of us in the Western world to support those who are less fortunate than us. Visit their page to see how you can help. (Kiva did not buy this ad nor do they endorse this magazine – just givin’ ya food for thought)

Print Articles:

  • Letters to Us
  • News
  • Steve’s Corner
  • Matt’s Musings and Meanderings
  • Steve Hindalong: “Crawling in and Out of Shadows Toward the Light”
  • Crumbächer: “A Tough Act To Follow…”
  • Jamey Bozeman: “The Light and Hope of Christ Within the Context of Art”
  • Leslie DuPre-Grimaud: “in the webs of a weeping willow”
  • Joey Taylor Talks About The Classic Re-issues That are Coming Out
  • Sungrazerr: “fuzzing out near the black bunny haven”
  • David di Sabatino: A follow up conversation: “Intent of the heart is everything”
  • Bill Mallonee: “With two new and impressive recordings released, Bill catches us up in his own words”
  • Brian “Sterling” Kirsch, Part 3
  • Untitled (2010) by Rick McDonough



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Down the Line covers bands that explored the intersection between faith and art in the 1980s through the early 1990s – even though they were probably never accepted in to what is called “Contemporary Christian Music” because they were too edgy or alternative or liberal or for whatever reason. Some of these bands may still be making music today, and others may have moved on. We cover these bands (active or dormant) as well as any new projects by former members of these bands and any new bands that may have the same spirit as these bands.


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