We Have Our First Troll!

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Not that this is a bad thing – we just had someone register at the site with user name of “troll.”  I thought that was kind of funny.  I guess we know we won’t be getting any comments from that guy, huh?  Anyway – you don’t have to register with the site if you don’t want to.  Comments should be open to anyone that wants to figure out what the crazy anti-spam obscure word thing says (and, yes, we have already had a bit of spam hit us already).  But registering with us is cool also – and also a good idea for some of the things we have coming up on the site.

No big news on the magazine front yet.  Still on track for an October 8th release, but that could always change.  We are also kicking around some ideas for additional features to add to this onlize site in the future.  Some interesting stuff could be coming soon.  But my question is – do you have any ideas for cool stuff we could do?  Leave us a comment.  Just remember our gracious budget of $0 and we will possibly think about considering your ideas.

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