The First Issue is Ready to Download!

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Michael Knott from the first issue

Our first issue of Down the Line Magazine is now out! Download it for free! Featuring interviews with Michael Knott, Joshua Lory, Writ on Water, and Scaterd Few as well as music reviews, live reports, and opinion columns. There is also the possibility that we may be able to get this issue available through a print-on-demand service. More details on that one if it happens. For now, Click on the link below to download Issue 1:

Down the Line magazine’s First Issue

Tell everyone about the new issue – we just ask that you have people come download it from the link above, rather than sending them a copy.  That just helps us know how many people have downloaded it.

(the image above was taken by Rick McDonough and appears in the feature article on L.S. Underground)

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  1. Down the Line E-zine review.

    I dove into the magazine with little expectation but was blown away in the end. For a magazine with a null budget one could not tell. I was thinking along the lines of 10 to 12 pages of just interviews and was surprised by 28 pages of everything and the kitchen sink (that is a good thing). Best part is, being 100% free, I could afford it.

    I appreciate the humor throughout the beginning it helped to set up the rest of the magazine. I always loved the little band blurb section that gives you what you need to know about a band you may have never heard of and I did not realize I was so clueless to many of the artists in that section.

    For the Knott enthusiast the launch issue has everything you could dream of, a self portrait on the cover done by Mike, an interview with Mike and Josh Lorey about the upcoming albums and a few asides many of you may “knott” have known about.

    Mike’s passion for the new album becomes even more poignant in Steve’s interview. We all know about PTSD but rarely the true end result for many of our solders. Mike describes a song on the new album called Child’s Prayer and how a little girl’s home is changed when her father comes back from war and has PTSD. It is a song I can not wait to listen to with the passion Mike uses to talk about it.

    We get to learn a little about Josh Lorey, a person I had never heard of, through Matt’s interview. I agree with Josh’s take on the current Christian music scene 100%.

    A great box feature is Songs That Sometimes Take On A Life Of Their Own. Mike talks about his interpretation of several songs over the years such as Beg and Kick, Down, Radio Satan, Serious and several others. In Serious Mike ponders what makes life so bad that someone would commit suicide, it is something I often wonder myself. When I read an obituary or news blurb on someone committing suicide I always wonder what could have possibly been going through their head that made them believe what they had done was the best option.

    I’ll leave the rest of the E-zine up to you to read. Remember these boys can do whatever they want in and with the magazine but if I have to say something negative so it does not look like I am being paid to give this review (you guys know where to send the check) Matt’s Writ On Water was a little more fan boy than then the rest of the interviews in the magazine. I did not see that as a true negative, I mean heck he is a fan, it was just something that I noticed.

  2. Heh – yeah, that was a little fan-boyish :) I did love their newest album, if you couldn’t tell….

    Thanks for the feedback! I’m also glad we got to cover the new LSU album and the whole issue of PTSD. I had put the action spotlight in there thinking “we need to do some small thing to deal with some issue and not just be all fun and games. Then I got Steve’s story and was like, ‘wow – we already had a serious issue covered!’ But decided to leave the Kiva thing in there and just bring up several issues. That’s kind of my motto: “don’t just complain about the world, do something about it!” In fact, that is why Steve and I started DTL – we didn’t just want to complain about the music world, but do something about it. Hopefully, we can do even more in the future.

    Not like ‘Bono’ level thing, but if someone has a spare million or so laying around…. I could make that happen :)

  3. Nice job.

    As I was reading the story on Scaterd Few I was amazed at how much my life has changed just since the interview was written… oh geez… the constant ride our Father has us on.

    If it’s even possible, the “what is he doing now” section of the article is completely out of date! weird…

    Great job on the first issue!