The Second Issue is Out

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Late enough for ya?  We are finally finished with issue 2 – click the download link for interviews with Brian Doidge, Greg lawless, Terry Taylor, and Roger Rose.  Find out what each of these artists has been up to lately.  The Brian Doidge cover story is a gripping tale of a life recovered from the pit of addiction – surely not to be missed.  For a table of contents and exclusive online article, see the January 2009 archive page!

As you can tell, we are starting to do some online exclusive content.  What does Brian Doidge think about working with Michael Knott?  Check out the article and find out!

A print version of this issue is also in the works, for those that are interested.  We are also going to start uploading older articles in to the archives section, to make them easier to find from Internet searches.  Also, if I can get the page comments function to work in the future, you will be able to leave comments on each article. Page commenting is one… so feel free to comment on online article pages as they appear. Other fun stuff is till in store, so stay tuned.  And the Gene Eugene tribute special edition is still planned, not to mention our April issue on time (we hope….)

(thanks to Steve for all the great articles again, and also to Rick McDonough for the cover image, back cover image, and Doidge article images. These guys both have serious talent…)

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  1. Already a correction to report – “In your review for the Sound Gallery “Umbra” record, you have it listed as a 2008 Lo-Fidelity release. While we dig Herb and his music, this info is incorrect as we have no connection with the release.” The Sound Gallery album is an independent release – sorry for the mix-up. I’m not even sure why that was put there.

  2. Issue #2 is great! Good job! The interview with Brian Doidge was a great read and I’m so happy to read about how God has redeemed his life. Can’t wait for issue #3!

  3. Thankx!
    Brian’s Story made me feel good. Great memories! My freakin’ hero!
    Just being there wasn’t enough he stepped into the scene and made it happen.
    I have always been thuroughly entertained even when with a drink (better w/o).
    It’s so good to have him back in a good place again.
    -His brother of the same mother for over 40 years and still wanting more.
    Bless ‘im!