Issue # 3 is Out!

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Sorry for the delay – again!  Issue # 3 is out and ready for download!  See the current link above or to the right.  This issue features a lot of content – interviews with Mike Stand (Altar Boys/Clash of Symbols/Altar Billies), Rick McDonough of Hidden From Blackout (by none other than Michael Knott himself), SLIDE / Sincerely Paul, The Sound Gallery, and Motonaut.  Print versions coming soon, as usual.  Work has begun on issue 4.

Also, I am a bit behind on getting the archives online.  Hopefully, (soon) issue 2 and the Gene Eugene tribute will be archived online.  Also, the mysterious C.U.E. will hopefully see the light of day before next issue.  I feel like I am always telling myself that, but maybe if I type it here, I will actually do something about it.

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  1. Cool to hear about Sincerely Paul (now Slide) doing new music. Enjoyed hearing about where they have been. Nice article.

  2. great issue and i really enjoyed the sound gallery interview! not to complain, but it would have been great to hear more on the sound gallery’s/herb’s thoughts on certain celebrities (you know, really dish it out!), his diet tips and tricks, and his secrets on he keeps his love life hot.

    oh well.

    thanks for the writ on water write-ups as well (issue 1). after the read, i bought wingless king from amazon mp3 store and listen to it all the time. i would not have heard of them, but for the zine. keep it up!

  3. Great job on issue #3!

    It was great to read an interview about Rick McDonough.
    But kinda what was just even cooler to me was that Nick Cave AND PJ Harvey were both mentioned in issue #3!!

    Wha? Nick Cave and Pj Harvey are two of my most favorite musicians and so it does my heart well to know that Down the Line has such great taste too. ;o)


  4. Have you guys heard about .docstoc?
    You can upload your pdf file or a number of other file types to be viewable alongside google text ads. You can even use your own googleads account. This will not likely increase your revenue significantly, but it could be a good way to publish the magazine alongside effortless advertisements. You could even publish it there and only allow downloads of archive issues. This site may not be the greatest, but there must be others like it. I just like what you guys are doing and hope you can sustain and improve your efforts. This options seems like the next best thing to paper publication. I still miss NOTeBORED and even Syndicate–was never a fan of Newcomb but I liked his magazine. Plus, HM and CCM just seem less than they should be.


    Dennis Draeger
    former editor of The Wardrobe

    PS Tried to email this to you. What the hell is up with this Really Simple CAPTCHA? Am I really going to have to install it myself? I’m still not seeing a link for the installation!!! Really Simple pain in the arse if you ask me!