Going Goth For Issue 4

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Sorry for the silence lately!  Steve and I are always talking about upcoming issues, but tend to forget to blog about what is going on!  We have a few things in the works:

  • Issue 4 is coming in a couple of months.  We are planning an all-Goth issue, with interviews with Brian Healy, Seventh Circle, Batzz in the Belfry, and I-Dragon-I.
  • A new subscription system, hopefully to deliver new issues straight to your in-box.
  • The C.U.E. should be getting ready to launch soon.  Whatever that is.
  • Another cool, surprise special issue might be making an appearance if all the pieces fall into place.  More details TBA.

So, we are still alive, still working, still making progress.

  1. Shawn Ness says:

    YES! Goth, now that is some great old school. Can’t wait guys!!!