God’s Not Dead, and He Wants You To Buy This Book!

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One of the downsides of our publishing schedule is that we get a great book or album right after the current issue is published… and then have to wait three months to get the review in!

I do have a review coming for God’s Not Dead (And Neither Are We) by Jerry Wilson. But until it comes, take my word for it and BUY THIS BOOK! If you are even a casual fan of this magazine, you will love Wilson’s book. Wilson interviews several members of bands such as 4-4-1, Daniel Amos, Barnabas, Veil of Ashes, The 77s, The Choir, Adam Again, Undercover, Crumbächer, and the Altar Boys… as well as solo artists Steve Taylor, Kemper Crabb, and Marie McGilvray and label head dude Caesar Kalinowski. The result is an unflinching look at the music industry as it was and how these bands survived.

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…and then buy the book already!

5 Responses

  1. sean doty says:

    I heard that it has swear words and alternative lifestyles mentioned in it!

  2. It is definitely rated R-W for “Real World.”, meaning those without at least a few years experience outside of the ECG* might need to perform a ritual called “pulling your head out of the sand”** before reading this book.

    * Evangelical Christian Ghetto
    ** This statement sanitized for those that have yet performed said ritual

  3. Jerry Wilson says:

    Yeah, I’ve been meaning to talk to that guy in the book about all that cussin’ and stuff…

  4. brian kirsch aka sterling says:

    The book is fascinating and relivant to where christian alternative music is now….as a supposed trail blazer in this genre (bass player for Veil of Ashes) I have always rubbed my head in wonder at why the church always drags it’s heels with what it’s youth are doing…..from Larry Norman to Mike Roe the church has left a trail of dead….but the book rocks and it’s wonderful to see where some are in their lives now and heart wrenching for others…long live rock!

  5. Jerry’s a great guy and a Christian that manages to be in the world but not of the world. We need more of him.