UPDATED Saviour Machine Exclusive Now Available!

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(Note: Click on the image above to be taken to the UPDATED excerpts PDF file)

Saviour Machine… I have been a fan since the early 90’s. I walked into a Christian bookstore and bought their Mask 1 cassette based on the album art alone. I had no idea what the music even sounded like. I still remember giving that cassette its first play, reading the lyrics, looking at the pictures and being absolutely blown away by what I heard! I have been one of the ‘faithful’ ever since then. I have grown with this band and been touched by their music for close to two decades now. Saviour Machine’s music has been a constant with me through the years, and the “Soundtrack To The End Of The World” became a soundtrack to my life in many ways. Along with the music, there has always been the mystique. The lyrics that fans pour over and ponder, the imagery and the theatrics, the mask as a symbol, the mask that Eric wears… fans of Saviour Machine have waited for a response to what was next from the band and from the founder/lead singer Eric Clayton. The wait is finally over…

Eric Clayton has kept numerous journals down through the years. These chronicle not only Saviour Machine’s journey as a band (and as a lightning rod of controversy), but they also detail the personal trials, tribulations and experiences of Eric on a very personal level. Eric has opened up some of his most intimate affairs in these journals and has shared them with the fans to read… to understand and to catch a deeper glimpse of what has been and what is to come. Eric was gracious to release some of the excerpts of these journals to Down The Line magazine. There is a full book of these writings in their entirety being released soon, but for now you can download and read these excerpts at no charge… a gift to the fans from Eric. What you are about to read will excite you, inform you, and remind you of something Eric recently told me in an email. “God is always moving in ways FAR beyond anything we can possibly imagine!” Be sure to visit www.saviourmachine.com to pre-order the full book.