L.S.Underground’s New Album is Finally Out

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PTSD, the new album by rock super group L.S. Underground, is finally out!  Pre-orders are being shipped now, but if you didn’t pre-order you can still get a copy.  You can order a copy through PayPal by sending money to  gerardartwork@yahoo.com. The cost is $15.00 for each copy shipped in the U.S.A. and $17.00 for each copy shipped outside the U.S.A. (both prices include shipping).

Some songs from the new album are also streaming at the official L.S.Underground MySpace site: http://www.myspace.com/lsunderground. Oh, and all the songs that have been streamed so far from the album are killer. If you know anyone with a label, bug them to pick this up for distribution.

3 Responses

  1. Has anyone actually received their copy? I did the pre-order & got the photo copied, signed & # lyric sheet. But, as of yet have not gotten the physical disc. I have written them but haven’t heard anything back.

  2. I got mine in the mail. I have heard of others getting theirs, too. But I also read on FaceBook that Knott said he ran out of copies while filling pre-orders and had to order more. He probably should have those in the mail soon. But you can always contact him and ask t make sure.

  3. I got all 4 of mine and I am very pleased with the album and the quality of the packaging for being an indie album…