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We here at Down The Line are pleased to offer our first contest, and extra excited that there is such a great prize! As you may know, The Choir is one of the pioneering alternative bands in music today. They are releasing a new album, Burning Like the Midnight Sun,  sometime around the end of June and we are pleased to announce that the Down The Line contest winner will receive:

“Package A” Pre-Order
– Private gathering and acoustic performance in Nashville July 24th 2010
– 2 Autographed CDs
– Instant access to download the first track “Midnight Sun
– 1 T-Shirt
– 2 Interview Discs
– Audio Stems

VIP invitation for two people to attend a private gathering with The Choir in Nashville, TN on July 24th, 2010. This event will take place at Dan’s house and will include food, swimming, a listening party and special acoustic performance. We’ll start this shin-dig around 2pm and go whenever it is time to quit! This offer will be limited to the first 25 Package A pre-orders. You will need to be responsible for your travel and lodging to/from Nashville. Details, directions and contact information will be provided to you shortly after you place your order.

Package A also includes the new CD (autographed), T-shirt, interview disc (this cd is a full length professionally produced audio special with music from the new album, song-by-song commentary by Steve Hindalong plus questions submitted by Choir friends answered by members of The Choir), stems disc of entire record (this is a disc of the separate mix files for those who’s profession or hobby is mixing/engineering and would like to take a shot of making your own mix of any/all of the songs from the new CD. We encourage you to post your own mixes online and we will promote links to your versions from our site).

*Note about the T-Shirt* While we don’t have the final design of the T-shirt to display during this pre-order period, please know that it will feature the fabulous artwork from the new CD & the actual shirt material will be very high quality cotton (not the cheap & scratchy 50/50 type). They are men’s sizes and will likely be a light grey color.

So, here’s the deal. Become a fan of Down The Line on Facebook ( and leave us a note on our “wall” about why you should be the winner. Get your friends to join and “like” your story – we’ll take these votes into consideration (not entering the contest? Go to our page anyways and vote on the stories you like the best by “liking” them). Just get the word out about the contest!

We will select the best entry and you walk away with an awesome prize!  Also, check out The Choir’s website ( – they have 4 different pre-orders available for this new release.

The contest will begin as soon as you read this, and we will announce the winner the week of June 20th, that will hopefully give the winner time to make travel plans.

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  1. i couldn’t actually post a message on the DTL facebook wall… i could only comment on your post…

    here is what i wrote:
    Hey all! i am the person that should be winning this amazing CHOIR package and here’s why: i’m an Aussie bloke living down here in Australia. way back in 1990 i had finished high school… while thumbing through all the dross in my local christian bookstore i stumbled onto this beautiful looking album called “circle slide” by some band called “the choir” – i remember thinking: “great photograph, pity about the band name”… i slipped the CD into the listening post, popped on the headphones and skipped through the tracks, interesting, interesting… and then i got to “restore my soul” – i bought the album for the opening drums ALONE!
    and that began my love affair with THE CHOIR.
    i actually got to see the band and had them to sign an album at cornerstone festival in 1994, i was too star struck to string two words together…
    when i got back to australia after my little trip i landed a volunteer gig on a community radio station where i would slip in The Choir, Adam Again, Daniel Amos, 77s, Lost Dogs etc every chance i got. i feel i owe Derri & Steve so much because they were my portal into a new world of musical possibilities…
    Anyway, being down here in Australia, the opportunities to see the band live are non existent, to find their music in a store is impossible and to talk to another fan in person is chances: slim to none.
    So a package from one of the greatest bands in the world, from my favourite “zine” in the world would be beyond “sweet”, it would be awesome…
    and i still get shivers with those drums on Restore My Soul…
    i’m playing it now.

  2. I would love to win this package. I have loved the music The Choir puts out for many many years! My first intro to the Choir was during their Wide Eyed Wonder years. Of course now i have all their music!