Its Still July Somewhere In the World, Right?

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The July issue is still shaping up – but there are some great articles in there so far.  There is an extensive interview with Ojo Taylor (Undercover), where he discusses some Christian music history, some Undercover history, current projects, and some deep issues of what he now believes.  Then there is an interview with members of 4-4-1, where they touch on everything from recent concerts and re-issues to the state of the music industry.  We also get the low down on Paravell, a great new band making some waves.  Steve also chats with Bill Walden, original lead singer for Undercover.  Bill has managed to find a way to believe that homosexuality is a sin but still be friends with people in that lifestyle.  A very informative story.  The Tattoo You column covers Ryan Weaver (Joe Christmas, Spudgun, World Against World) and his tattoo art.  And Sterling!  The bassist of Veil of Ashes speaks.  Whew – what else could you want? How about a new column by none other than Josh Lory himself and a ton of reviews. You won’t want to miss this issue.

  1. and Sterling speaks………..the long and silent muse of Sean Doty lays it on the line…Bwa, Ha, Ha…… my best Peter Lorre voice….if you have no idea whom I’m talking about…….watch some old black-n-white movies and get a life….Bwa, Ha, Ha………….