Altar Billies Release First Album

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The Altar Billies have already released their first album.  You can find their 11 song debut CD on their Facebook page and many other online outlets.  Eleven tracks of live and studio cuts featuring rockabilly/psychobilly remakes of classic Altar Boys songs. As the band would say – YEE HAW!

  1. If you’re a fan of Mike Stand and The Altar Boys, you will absolutely want to get this new album of Altar Boys tunes done rockabilly punk style. You’ll recognize drummer Chuck Cummings from Dakoda Motor Co. and a bunch of other Christian projects from the 1990’s as well. I could not be happier that there is a lone voice of morality in the rockabilly punk scene; in fact, they are the only current rockabilly punk group that I will even listen to for that very reason. Check out their ReverbNation page at for a preview; you won’t be disappointed!

    –David Gasten
    Producer, “This is Vintage Now” compilation