More Details on the Next Kissing Cousins Release

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The Kissing Cousins have a new website, and digging around on that site reveals a fe details about their next release.  Unfortunate End will possibly be a double 7 inch that is heavier, darker, and meaner that Pillar of Salt.  According to their site:

Produced By S Foye, the music utilizes more experimental instrumentation like Autoharp strummed through delay pedals and drum machines played manually through distorted amps. There is still plenty of reverb soaked vocals, vicious guitar tones, and stomping drums, but for the first time, the songs twist and turn within time signatures and tempos.Lyrically, the songs explore the unfortunate ends of 4 different female protagonists. Heywood, who grew up in rural Alabama the daughter of southern ministers, drew heavily from personal experience to create stories reminiscent of the classic southern gothic literary cannon of Faulkner and O’Conner. But where they had only words, Heywood’s music is just as responsible for telling these stories. With Unfortunate End Heywood and Kissing Cousins continue in a long tradition of redefining what it is to be in a “girl band” and what it is to sound feminine, southern, and ultimately, unique.