New Veil of Ashes Song to be Released

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Veil of Ashes dropped some interesting news on their Facebook page about a new song they recently recorded:

We are about to finally release the song that we did a year ago – stay tuned for details! Soon little doggies! BTW I can tell you this much, it’s a cover of our favorite Dead Artist Syndrome/Brian Healy song. And to quote Brian, he likes our version much more than his. It will be available on I-Tunes very soon. If not, bug Healy! lol

They also had this to say:

One more hint… it’s a really slow song that we amped up . . . WAY UP! It’s also Healy’s favorite song so we were a little afraid to mess with it, but we did anyway! :)

It was recorded with Dove Award winning Engineer Masaki Liu at One Way Studios where Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Moby, Switchfoot, Starship, Joe Satriani, Michael Been, and VEIL recorded Mr. Sunshine. So you know it’s gonna sound good! :)