Veil of Ashes Releases Eternal Teenage Angst

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The wait is now over. Veil of Ashes has released their compilation album Eternal Teenage Angst. Featuring never-before released songs, live songs, early demo versions of later songs, and a newly recorded cover of Dead Artist Syndrome’s “Reach.” Seventeen songs for $5, which includes some cool artwork by Jimmy Arceneaux and mastering by Jason Martin.

Veil of Ashes Unveils New Website

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In preparation for the upcoming release of Eternal Teenage Angst, Veil of Ashes has launched an official website at You can find some great information on the site (Gene Simmons was a fan? Wow.) as well as blog for “Rants & Raves” and other information. You can also see a preview of the artwork…

New Veil of Ashes Song to be Released

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Veil of Ashes dropped some interesting news on their Facebook page about a new song they recently recorded: We are about to finally release the song that we did a year ago – stay tuned for details! Soon little doggies! BTW I can tell you this much, it’s a cover of our favorite Dead Artist…