Steve Taylor Documentary

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A new documentary about Steve Taylor is coming in Fall 2011: “Steve Taylor is Not Dead.” The exact release date can probably be gathered from – but I’m not good at math (the promo video mentions August, though).  There is also a Facebook companion page called Steve Taylor’s Digital Clone. The Facebook page as well as the related Twitter account are featuring Steve Taylor facts and trivia. With Taylor also mentioning new music coming this year, as well as the Blue Like Jazz movie project taking off – could 2011 be the year of the Steve Taylor comeback?

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  1. Thanks for mentioning the documentary on the website! I am the director of both projects.

    There is a 40 minute documentary “Steve Taylor is Not Dead”. We will be launching a Kickstarter campaign soon to fund the pressing of the DVDs. The DVDs will be available in late fall. All of the extra content from that documentary will be released in an interactive online documentary “Steve Taylor’s Digital Clone”. The website will launch August 1. The interactive documentary will give fans a way to interact and share their Steve Taylor memories like never before.