Stryken + Monsterus + Jet Circus + Guardian + Doro = New Supergroup

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HM Magazine recently brought this new supergroup to my attention – I spent a while trying to find any webpages for them and finally did.  Here is what HM had to say:

A band 25 years in the making… The Fall of Vegas is comprised of rockers, Joey Knight (Stryken) on Lead Vocals, Ron “Zilla” Campbell (Monsterus) on Drums, Ez Gomér (Jet Circus, Leviticus) on Bass/Vocals, Paul Cawley (Guardian) on Rhythm Guitar/Vocals, Michael Tyrrell (Doro Pesch, Mylon LeFevre) Lead Guitars, and Brent Jeffers (Stryper/Guardian) on Keyboards.

Founded by former Stryken drummer turned vocalist Joey Knight, these Christian rock veterans have come together to forge their own blend of new rock sound in following with the success of such supergroups as Velvet Revolver, Audioslave, and Chickenfoot. FOV marks the spot for a new beginning from this band of brothers united by some legendary pasts and a suddenly brighter future.

For over a year the band has been putting the pieces in place, and the sound coming forth is a sonic amalgamation that forges a number of classic rock influences, all slathered with a heavy dose of hard rock muscle. “I’m excited for what’s ahead,” explains the group’s lead singer Joey Knight. “This band has been a total God thing in how He brought us all together – we’re looking forward to sharing His message once again through the medium of rock-n-roll and having a great time together doing it!”

The formula for FOV has been brewing for sometime, as the guys lives have been intertwined through mutual friendships for years. “Joey actually came out to work with us for about a month back in the early days of Monsterus,” explains drummer Ron. “Then I get a call from Van Pelt (HM Magazine Founder) saying that Joey has been trying to contact me for sometime and needed to chat. Joey spotted me on Facebook… sent a chat with his digits… and three hours later the FOV embryo was born.”

Fortunately, Ron had been friends for years with Ez… even being tapped to do some European dates on drums in support of Jet Circus’ sophomore release ‘Look at Death Now.’ “When we started talking prospective bass players, I told Joey if we wanted the best, we needed Ez,” says Ron. “So I shot my Swedish Brother an email and it was Game On!” Ron was also spending time socially with Paul, and helping to pull things together to assist with a forthcoming all original Guardian reunion. Through the process, Ron mentioned to Paul about joining FOV and they were off to the races. Within a couple weeks, Paul was catching up with Brent (currently on the road with rock legends, Journey) and began sharing with him the vision for FOV. An hour later the FOV circle became one member away from completion. “A few nights after Brent signed on, Ron and I were discussing options for Lead Guitarist,” says Joey, “while going through a folder of some of his contacts Ron started going nuts as a Fender Endorsement Ad with Michael fell out on the floor.” “It was crazy! Michael and I have been good friends for 20 years and have talked about doing something together at different times but I guess God was waiting for FOV,” says Ron,”It was totally God that put him right in front of us so I shot him a note through Facebook about what we were doing and that we needed a Lead Guitarist… he responded with ‘What about Me?’ As they say the rest is rock-n-roll history!”

The band has been hard at work and while FOV inevitably offers a few echoes of its members’ pasts, their sound is defiantly forward-looking and truly fresh. “The development of the sound is evolving,” says Joey ” but we’re firing on all cylinders.” So much so, that Joey’s lifelong best friend, Dug Pinnick (King’s X) has signed on to produce the project. “Dug will bring fresh collaboration with a modern element that will represent now,” says Joey. “We talked a lot of old school producers but kept coming back to Dug. We knew we needed to go in a different direction… this needed to be relevant and not a tribute to anything but the future”

The band now readies for their forthcoming debut album and subsequent supporting dates.

You can find them on their website, Facebook, Twitter, etc. But still no music to check out anywhere that I can see.  Still sounds like it will be good.

  1. Well, this is an interesting development……all we need now is the alterno super group………….Sim Wilson on vocals, Mike Roe on lead guitar, Steve Hindalong on drums, Gene Eugene on keyboards,Sean Doty on rythim guitar and vocals and Ric Alba on bass…………Woo Hoo!