Classic Albums From Worthless Records For Free

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Do you remember Worthless Records? They were an “Indie/Underground Christian Music Label based out of Phoenix, AZ. Intelligent, thought provoking, spiritually significant music. Active in the ’80’s, 90’s, & early 2000’s.” One of the more well-known bands from this label was No Laughing Matter, releasing several albums including one for R.E.X. Music. Other bands included 120db, Active Faith, Aluminum/Reverb/And/Parsley, Death Denied, Gehenna Tattoo, Scott Roman, and The MattaDaddies. Now Worthless Records has a website where you can download many of their classic releases… for free!  Check it out here:

Thanks to Josh Lory for the heads-up on this one. If you know of any labels or bands with sites like this, please let us know.

One response to “Classic Albums From Worthless Records For Free”

  1. mike indest says:

    How can I not have heard of Scott Roman? This is some amazing music!