Classic Albums From Worthless Records For Free

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Do you remember Worthless Records? They were an “Indie/Underground Christian Music Label based out of Phoenix, AZ. Intelligent, thought provoking, spiritually significant music. Active in the ’80’s, 90’s, & early 2000’s.” One of the more well-known bands from this label was No Laughing Matter, releasing several albums including one for R.E.X. Music. Other bands included 120db, Active Faith, Aluminum/Reverb/And/Parsley, Death Denied, Gehenna Tattoo, Scott Roman, and The MattaDaddies. Now Worthless Records has a website where you can download many of their classic releases… for free!  Check it out here:

Thanks to Josh Lory for the heads-up on this one. If you know of any labels or bands with sites like this, please let us know.