The Predators Return With a New CD

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Yet another classic 80’s band returns with new material. Rock/New Wave/Punk band The Predators have just released a new CD called Roundabout. This is the first recording since 1987’s Offensive.  If you don’t know much about The Predators, but are curious to find out more, check out their website (with free downloads of old material). They also have an active Facebook page, where you can find details about purchasing the new CD and keep up with the latest news.

  1. Thank you for your comments regarding the Preds. The Preds are indeed back playing live and are performing at venues as varied as a pub, Nightclub, in the open air, and next week, on Tuesday 2nd
    August, will be playing at the New Wine Festival in Newark.
    If you would like to interview the band please feel free to contact me via email at