Steve Taylor In Not Dead

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Steve Taylor recently had this interesting post on his Facebook page:

Dear Facebook Friends,

Sarah Gibson, the niece of legendary singer/songwriter Daniel Johnston, approached me six years ago about making a documentary with me as the subject.

I suggested she could do better.

She persisted. So…

…I agreed to loan her a box of dusty videotapes on two conditions:

1) I would have no creative or editorial input. She could do whatever she wanted as long as I didn’t have to be interviewed.
2) I required a signed Daniel Johnston t-shirt (like the one Kurt Cobain wore on the 1992 MTV Music Awards).

She fulfilled both conditions, and the forty minute result of her six year labor of love is premiering Saturday night in Nashville. She’s given her film the cryptic title “Steve Taylor Is Not Dead,” which strikes me as presumptuous since we’re still five days out.

I’m not the one throwing this party, nor have I seen the final result. But the good people at Lipscomb University are kindly hosting the film’s premier this Saturday, November 12th at 7pm at Collins Alumni Auditorium on the Lipscomb campus. They’re even hosting a reception afterwards, which will give me a chance to thank you for coming (and give you a chance to mock my choice of stage attire over the last thirty years).

If this sounds like fun (or even if it doesn’t), please join us Saturday night.

Yours in self-aggrandizement,


More information can be found on this page.

  1. I find this interesting that Daniel Johnston’s niece is doing this documentary. I lost interest in Steve Taylor after he kind of switched boats and started playing towards the more mainstream CCM market, but I will give this a shot because of the Daniel Johnston link. I LOVE Daniel Johnston!!! The guy is phenominal…go rent the documentary The Devil and Daniel Johnston if you haven’t ever seen it.

    I hope they cover the Steve Taylor and Some Band days, and please cover Chagall Guevara…I miss those days!