Eddie Parrino, Jim Wiita and Mike Indest Midwest Tour

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Eddie Parrino and Mike Indest are heading up North to meet up with one of their favorite songwriters Jim Wiita for some shows.  Besides the ones listed on the flyer they are playing at http://www.thirstypaganbrewing.com/ on Sunday night. Eddie and Mike would also like to do some other shows on the way up.  If you would like for them to play in your coffee house, barn, garage, etc. please get in touch! mikeindest (@) gmail.com.

Mike is host of Down The Line Magazine’s Basement Tapes Podcast. Eddie and Jim have been featured on the show. Visit https://downthelinezine.com/basement to listen. Mike’s music is available by clicking on the Music tab at  http://www.mikeindest.com/.