90s Christian Music Recovery Group

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Fans of any music from the 90’s Christian music scene would love the rousing (and sometimes crazy) discussions happening in the 90s Christian Music Recovery Group on Facebook. With over 5000 members now, I am going to guess that everyone reading this is already a member. But if not, you should join. Because I think we are going to declare it the official discussion board of Down the Line magazine. There is so much news coming through that group I don’t know if we can keep up. But the interesting thing is that there are a ton of band members, label people, former magazine people  managers, you name it all over the place dropping all kinds of tales and answering all kinds of questions. You have been warned – don’t miss out!

  1. I am loving it! I’ve been a member for a short time but the interactions that have happened so far have been PRICELESS! I am a musician that grew up listening to a lot of the artists, and more recently have been blessed to work with some of them.