King Never Returns With New EP

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King Never has finally returned with a new EP of alternative Rock. 37 is available as a “Name Your Price” download or a limited edition CD (shipping around mid to late May). For those who need an introduction, “King Never is an alternative rock band influenced by 80′s new wave and progressive rock, based in Sacramento, California, USA. The music features intelligent, thought provoking lyrics, and slightly left of center musical arrangements to keep it all interesting.” 37 lives up to the promo hype.

2 Responses

  1. Fans of crafty electric guitar and bands like Porcupine Tree, Belew-era King Crimson and The Police will want to check out this King Never EP. It’s a straight-shooting representation of what this tightly-knit trio can do on stage. Until I get the chance to see it happen in Chicago, I’ll be spinning 37. I’ve been a fan of Matt McCabe’s playing and songwriting an embarrassingly long amount of time, but for good reason. This set finds him making yet another forward push against the boundaries.

  2. Thanks a ton for the awesome article about “King Never” Matt!!!
    Both Karl Lane (The Bass & Keyboard Synth Player) and I honestly enjoy playing various selections from the past works of Matt McCabe and King Never from before it was re-born into the Progressive Based Power Trio We Are Now!
    Climb Aboard the “King Never Machine” and Hold On!