Cush Releases Spirituals EP 3 (SP3) As Free Download

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Mythical anonymous band Cush has finally released their third Spirituals EP on Bandcamp. It is free for now (but that will probably end very soon), so grab it while you can. There have also been mentions of vinyl surrounding this release? We can only dream…

3 Responses

  1. Aaron Cavanaugh says:


    Thanks for sharing.

    I like the album.

    Thanks. God Bless.


  2. Joey Fester says:

    Argh…. looks like they pulled the plug on it being free.

  3. Jeff Benson says:

    I can’t find any way to give them money to download this (or even find any download links of any kind, for that matter). I’d love to hear it but I’m not going to waste it on streaming on my tinny laptop.