Chad Thomas Johnston’s New Book Nightmarriage is Now Available

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Sorry we’re a bit late on this one, but 90’s music fan and future DTL contributor Chad Thomas Johnston has released his first book Nightmarriage:

“Chad Thomas Johnston’s Nightmarriage is a whimsical memoir that explores the terrors of marriage and the perils of parenthood. Adapted from Johnston’s blog series of the same name, Nightmarriage proves that, when two people marry, their flaws tie the knot, too. In essays such as “My Wife, the Black Hole,” “Hearts and Jumper Cables,” “Knives and Wives,” “Honeymoonwalking (to Jail),” and “Blessed Are the Tentmakers,” Johnston weaves stories on his literary loom that are equal parts luminous and lunatic.

Writing as only a minister’s son with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder can, Johnston has crafted an observational ode to both the blunders and wonders of wedlock, and his writing is punctuated accordingly with absurd alliteration, appalling puns, and madcap metaphors. Nightmarriage is a must-read for fans of David Sedaris, Robert Fulghum, and Anne Lamott.”

More details about the book can be found on his website. You can also read many of his articles on his site, including musings on several bands we all know and love around here. Be on the lookout for his debut DTL article on everyone’s favorite post-apocalyptic concept-album industrial band of the 1990s.

  1. Thanks for this! I appreciate it greatly. I have the Under Midnight material collected. I just need to transcribe one of the interviews (it’s quite long), and I’m interviewing Sam Phillips this week, too. But at least the book is off my plate! ;)

    Thanks again!

    – CTJ