D.A.S. Kissing Strangers is Fun… Raising!

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You can have Kissing Strangers at your door on Halloween!
Sounds creepy, doesn’t it?

This is the title of a new Dead Artist Syndrome album.
Mixing & Mastering is needed to finish it, costing $2,500.
Here is how D.A.S. fans can help make delivery on time.

Donate $25.00 by October 25th.
Click on GET TICKETS to give.

In return, Dead Artist Syndrome will:
•Deliver Kissing Strangers download to you on October 31
•Add your name to a drawing for some goodies…
1st prize -Brian Healy original painting on canvas.
(Colors will match proper numbers.)
2nd prize -4 autographed Dead Artist Syndrome CDs (Good as coasters.)
3rd prize -Kissing Strangers t-shirt.
(Better than a Sham Wow.)

Amazingly talented folks contributed to Kissing Strangers:
Brian Healy (Dead Artist Syndrome)
John Piccari (Dead Artist Syndrome)
Derri Daugherty (The Choir, The Lost Dogs, Kerosene Halo)
Ric Alba (Altar Boys,Undercover)
Michele Bunch Palmer (Adam Again)
Steve Hindalong –(The Choir,The Lost Dogs, LSU)
Michael Knott (LifeSavers, LSU, Aunt Betty’s)
Gym Nicholson (Undercover, Boys Club, Steve Taylor)
Marc Plainguet (Gadget, Graveyard Cafe)
Ojo Taylor (Undercover)

See the Facebook Event page to sign up.

4 Responses

  1. Anyone have the e-mail address for this? It looks like I just need to send some PayPal money??
    I’d love to get this album, but I’m not on Facebook.

  2. Unfortunately, that link didn’t work. Thanks for trying, though.
    Do you happen to have the e-mail address that you paid to via PayPal?