Bill Mallonee Launches Kickstarter Project for Next Album

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Dear Fans and Friends:
Many of you are familiar with Kickstarter; it’s a program designed to help artists fund their projects through fan contributions. They’ve done amazing things over the years helping artists (musicians, filmmakers, novelists, game developers) bring their vision to life. Since there are no formal superstructures surrounding my work (no label, no PR, no management) I rely on my reputation as a singer-songwriter, and on YOUR resources and word-of-mouth to make my albums.

Here’s what’s happening: I am using the Kickstarter platform to fund my new album, “Hall of Mirrors/Room of Woes.” It’s going to be a good one! I am very excited about the songs that have “shown up” for this album. It will be rather ambitious. This will be a full-band album with 10-12 songs.

The record will be available in CD, download, and VINYL! (I hear those cheers!)

(It is Kickstarter’s policy that if we don’t make budget, the project is cancelled and all funds are returned to contributors.)
So if you want to help fund this album, stop in at Bill Mallonee Kickstarter Project and see the different ways you can help me make this venture come to life. Sincere thanks to all of you who have supported me and my work throughout the years.
~Bill Mallonee

2 Responses

  1. I would support this but his prices and shipping costs are crazy high. As a Canadian he wants $50 for a CD and $80 for the vinyl.

    He should look to Mike Roe, The choir & Steve Taylor on how to provide value for the $$$

    Too bad

  2. I agree with Polar Boy. I like Bill Mallonee and a lot of his work, but $20 for a download? $35 for physical CD and download? Seriously???

    I don’t think Bill really “gets” kickstarter – you’re supposed to give INCENTIVES for people to get your project off the ground, in a extra-value-for-money kind of way…

    Yes, like Polar Boy says, he should have studied Mike Roe, The Choir, Steve Taylor, or even Daniel Amos on how to do a KS campaign…