New Direction for Down the Line Magazine

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To be honest, we just started this thing to get free CDs. We were lazy and broke and thought we could trick people in to giving us stuff. Which really never happened. Everything went digital and people just sent us mp3s. Then we got behind on reviews of the mp3s, mainly because they don’t play in our Sony Walkmans.

So, we decided that if we have to spend our own money on music, we will have to review the music we actually like. So Mike and I met in an undisclosed city for Mardi Gras…. errr…. I mean… a clandestine meeting to discuss the new musical direction. Steve had long since disappeared on a spiritual pilgrimage to save the vanishing llamas of Antarctica, so it was just the two of us. We rummaged through the record stacks and found the stuff we really liked. With that in mind, we present to you the future musical direction of Down the Line:

What? Selling out is much more financially lucrative.

Okay, so we may not be changing musical direction, but we do have some writers that wanted to cover non-musical directions on various topics. The real change you might see in future issues is an expansion beyond just music interviews. Which I realize we have done in the past, but now it is just a little more official. Be ye warned.

The next issue should be out in June, with some really interesting stories on bands as well as some non-musical musings as well. Stay tuned for more details in the upcoming weeks.

  1. A simple thank you for what you are doing… This is typically the first and only place where I learn about old bands doing new things. Thank you!