A New Record from Mad At The World

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“This Kickstarter campaign is the start of something wonderful. I convinced my brother Roger (with help of the success of my new Rose record) to do this record with me as Mad At The World, what a cool idea – go back to the beginning, the very sound that put us on the map in the early 80’s. Back then we were hopeful in a dark world, and 30 years later we’ll be the light in the absolute blackness that we call “normality” we have a lot to say, a lot has changed, and in most ways not for the better. When the funding of this record goes as planned we will create a new Mad At The World Master piece – our fresh new sounds will be incredible, Deep, lush, dark, bright, and powerful… and you see theres nothing more punk rock then having the guts to do synth pop record again – get ready friends – were so excited to get the opportunity to start this campaign, and if you fell in love with us later in our career – good news, with the hope of this record funding strong we will do another campaign transitioning our genres from alt Indy to hard rock, so please support us on this ride, if you love the Artist, then support the Art- pretty soon we’ll paint something that everyone likes, so lets make these records together again, so please support us here on Kickstarter.”