Kevin Clay Re-Emerges as Soundtracks For Wasted Youth

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Kevin Clay, known for his work with My Little Dog China and The Science of Letting On, as well as his own solo work, has re-emerged with a new project called Soundtracks for Wasted Youth. Their first album Volume 1 (Youth = Wasted) is available on BandCamp. Soundtracks for Wasted Youth is the indie rock side of Clay’s new business/brand Youth Wasted Youth. “Youth Wasted Youth is a lifestyle brand, merchandise company, multimedia collective, cult, zine, and band. Youth Wasted Youth embodies the ethos of post punk & pop art, sex & sensuality, mindfulness & slack, beach & street fashion. Pop is the new Punk. Stay young at heart and never die.” Other projects in Youth Wasted Youth included Spoken Nerd, Ryan Hurtgen, Sunshine America, and The Domani International.