Spiritual Manipulation Part 2 with Matt Crosslin

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In this second edition Matt and Mike continue to discuss spiritual manipulation that they have witnessed and experienced.  I want to keep this series going for a bit so if anyone wants to be a guest please let me know by sending an email to m i k e i n d e s t …

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Spiritual Manipulation with Bob Kuhn

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In the first part of the show Mike shows his mastery of Spiritual manipulation as he twists scripture after scripture to bring Bob to repentance. Afterwards Bob and Mike have a serious conversation about Spiritual manipulation. Thanks to Bob for being on the show again and for being a good sport. Bob Kuhn has a …

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MIchael Higgins Interview

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I’ve know Michael Higgins for over 20 years and have had some really thought provoking conversations with him so I thought it was time to commit one of those conversations to “tape”.  When I think I am secure in a position he’s usually the one to find the holes. When I first met Michael he …

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Interview With Brian Godawa

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In this episode Mike talks with author Brian Godawa about his “Chronicles of the Apocalypse” and his end times view called “Orthodox Preterism”.  Brian explains his belief that some of the prophecies that are commonly used to describe a future end times scenario have already occurred.  If verses like Matthew 24:34, “This generation will not …

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