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Crazed Bunnyz

Alternative Rock
Cerritos, California, USA

In 1986, Marc "Gadget" Plainguet and Bing Futch teamed up with Sean “Shaka” Harrison to form a band called Crazed Bunnyz. Using pseudonyms like Futch, Shaka, Gadget (Plainguet), and Box (the name of Gadget’s drum machine) they played an odd sort of punk rock using a bass synthesizer and drum machine. Soon, apparently influenced by Undercover, they recorded Achtung: Musik Klirrfaktor! in Marc's garage. They played one live gig and also found themselves in the Christian underground scene which, until then, they did not even realized existed. A small following began to pop up across the United States and even overseas through their small mail order catalog.

Futch then decided to change Crazed Bunnyz to Johnny Quest and released Transition. Deciding that he wanted to devote more of his time to his solo career, Plainguet left the band.

Marc also released T.W.D.N.R.T.P.A.C.T.R.I. a cassette containing the original 4 song garage recordings by Crazed Bunnyz and a recording of an interview with Plainguet and Futch which was printed in The Activist #21.

Futch and Shaka then decided to reform Crazed Bunnyz and record Blutgasse. Futch and Sean tried to convince Marc to join for Blutgasse, but he was not interested. However, after three years, the Crazed Bunnyz broke up. Marc, Sean, and Futch remained friends and have considered reunitinh the band through the years.


Achtung: Musik Klirrfaktor

1986 Plan 7 Dist (P7D-002)

Shaka Harrison – Vox and munchy crunchies
Futch – Bone-sucking guitar and vox
Gadget (Marc Plainguet) – Devo bass-synth and absurd remarks

The name of the demo means “warning, music distortion” in German.

  1. U.F.O. (the “calling Earl” mix)
  2. Back from the Dead (the Steve Taylor mix)
  3. Don't Flick That Over Here (the mix)
  4. Flat Brains (the non-partisan mix)
  5. Physical Distortion (the crunchy mix)
  6. The Message (the heat is on mix)
  7. The Killing of a Race (the get-it-on mix)
  8. Church of the Living Dead (the Falwell mix)
  9. Tapdancing into Hell (the chorus line mix)
  10. World Media (the K-ROQ mix)


1987 Corpqii Music (CM-7) / Plan 7 Dist

Recorded Live:
April 26, 1986 at Sunland Baptist Church
January 8, 1987 at The Waters Club in San Pedro, CA

Players (Sunland Baptist):
Shaka - Vox
Futch - Vox, Guitar
Gadget - Vox, Bass
Boxx - Drums

Players (Waters Club):
Futch - Vox, Bass
Craig Cook - Guitar
Phil Poole - Drums

  1. Peter Almost
  2. The Message
  3. Killing of a Race
  4. Shine, You're Scrambled
  5. Don't Flick That Over Here
  6. U.F.O.
  7. Physical Distortion
  8. I'm Alright Now
  9. Futch introduces the band
  10. Futch raps some more
  11. Tapdancing Into Hell
  12. World Media

“Okay, like Bunnyz wuz a joke at first, but we realized the possibilities, then Gadget left, we broke up, the Phil & Craig came, we became Johnny Quest, then Craig bailed, so now we sit, waiting for an axe, oh, by the way, we're Crazed Bunnyz again. - Futch P.S. The Sunland gig is the first Bunnyz concert, yuk.”

The Plan 7 Distribution release had the Crazed Bunnyz concert on side 1 and a Johnny Quest concert on side 2. Marc Plainguet was not a member of Johnny Quest at that time. The band is listed as Crazed Bunnyz a.k.a. Johnny Quest for that release. The Corpqii Productions release was edited to be more concise.


1988 Plan 7 Dist

Shaka - Vox
Futch - Vox, Axe, Keys, & TV
Rezzen - Analog Bass
Boxx - Rhythm Computation

“Blutgasse” translated into German means “blood street”. Shaka and Futch wrote the lyrics sitting outside of Knott's Berry Farm one night.

  1. Blood Street
  2. Days of our Lives
  3. Shine, Your Scrambled
  4. Yes, Thank You, I Will
  5. No Ni**ers
  6. Earth (the Demon Seed)
  7. Letter from Kristin
  8. Vomit
  9. That Sucks
  10. (and finally) Sex Nazi


1989 Corpqii Productions

  1. The Message
  2. Killing of a Race
  3. Shine, You're Scrambled
  4. Physical Distortion
  5. Interview

This cassette is a release of the original Crazed Bunnyz demos recorded in Gadget's Garage along with an interview done for The Activist.

“Before Marc Plainguet went solo, he was the keyboard player for a pop-punk act called the Crazed Bunnyz. This cassette-only release featured 4 songs by the band on side 1 and a lengthy interview with Plainguet and then bandmate Mike Futch (aka: Bing Futch) on side 2. The interview was conducted by ACTIVIST publisher and journalist, Chris Yambar.” (from