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Alternative Rock
El Paso, Texas, USA


1990 The Water
199? Demo
1992 Ring of Honesty

The Water

1990 Independent

J.J. Plasencio - All guitars, backing vocals
Bill Schmidt - Percussion, harmonica, lobster
Rene Sanchez - Bass, backing vocals
Keith Giles - Lead vocals

Backing vocals on “Running Away” were by Tonia Plasencio, Wendy Giles, Lisa Schmidt, Gema Beltran, Mike Amparan, Mario and Julie Escobedo, KG, JJ, Rene, Bill.

  1. Running Away
  2. Hard Rain
  3. 4GLR27%
  4. Forgiven Man
  5. White Flag
  6. Psychomachia
  7. The Water
  8. Freewill
  9. Da Blues
  10. Things Were Meant This Way


199? Independent

  1. Forgiven Man
  2. Things Were Meant This Way
  3. Da Blues Song

Ring of Honesty

1992 Independent

J.J. Plasencio - All guitars
Bill Schmidt - Percussion
Keith Giles - Vocals, lyrics

  1. Three Long Nails
  2. Ring of Honesty
  3. Battle Lines
  4. Double Rainbows