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Final Prophecy

Thrash Metal
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, USA

Final Prophecy was formed in April of of 1990 by former Thanatos / Therion guitarist Eric Hoffman in West Palm Beach, Florida, along with drummer James Silvestri (later with A Course of Action) as a five-piece. Rounding out the early line-up was bassist Kyle McKelvey, guitarist Pat Flynn (now a classical music professor at Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC) and vocalist Tim Williams. By August of that same year the band ended up as a trio with new bassist Nick Varhola entering the fold.

In 1990 the trio recorded their first 4-song demo titled He set the Captives Free which garnered the band respectable reviews in 'zines throughout the world.

In 1991 the band would re-enter the studio to record their second affair, a 5-song effort titled Rude Awakening. With this material the band displayed a far more aggressive sound. Editor Dave Rohrbach of the legendary 'zine Screams From the Gutter would go on to state “…many stronger structures are [also] implied for greater variety…intensified with a production that would bring tears to most unsigned acts’ eyes.” The band also played live with many acts, such as Dauphin (formerly Revelation), Royal Anguish, Prophecy, Demented Jester, Fatal Sin, and Torn Flesh.

After the release of their sophomore effort Rude Awakening, both James and Nick left to pursue other opportunities. This effectively made the band come to an end.

Though officially put to rest, one last Final Prophecy demo song was recorded for a planned 7-inch release on the A.R.T. Records label in 1992. “Through Eyes of Fire” utilized members of local acts Royal Anguish and Habitat to complete the recording.


Spiritus Gladius Rehearsal '90

1990 Independent

  1. We'll Become as One
  2. Funeral Guns

There is also a later version of this demo with two live songs at the beginning of these two songs, and then two songs from Rude Awakening after these two:

  1. Product of Society (live)
  2. He Set the Captives Free (live)
  3. We'll Become as One
  4. Funeral Guns
  5. Rude Awakening
  6. Burn

He Set the Captives Free

1990 Independent

Eric Hoffman - Guitars, vocals
M. Varmola - Bass, backing vocals
James Silvestri - Drums, backing vocals

  1. He Set the Captives Free (5:05)
  2. Where Pain Never Dwells (4:12)
  3. Product of Society (4:28)
  4. M.D.O.D. (0:46)

Rude Awakening

1991 Independent

Eric Hoffman - Guitars, lead vocals
Howard Card - Bass
Tommy Taylor - Drums

  1. The Instruction (0:49)
  2. We Must Die (4:15)
  3. Divided in Truth (5:46)
  4. Where Pain Never Dwells (4:37)
  5. Rude Awakening (2:00)
  6. Burn (Vengeance Rising cover) (3:35)

Re-awakening: The Demos 1990-1992

2018 Roxx Records (RRLP-FP01)

CD Version

  1. Through Eyes of Fire
  2. We Must Die
  3. Divided in Truth
  4. Where Pain Never Dwells
  5. Rude Awakening
  6. Burn (Vengeance Rising cover)
  7. He Set the Captives Free
  8. Where Pain Never Dwells (1990)
  9. Product of Society
  10. M.D.O.D.
  11. Divided in Truth (FM Radio Broadcast)
  12. Product of Society (Live 1990)

Vinyl Version

  1. We Must Die
  2. Divided in Truth
  3. Where Pain Never Dwells
  4. Rude Awakening
  5. Burn
  6. Product of Society
  7. Through Eyes of Fire
  8. Satan [vinyl only bonus track]