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A.R.T. Records

Name: A.R.T. Records
Founded: 1991?
Location: Coral Springs, Florida, USA



Hostility Soon, Comes the Return 1991 Cassette
Royal Anguish Shocked to Pieces 1992 Cassette
ART0001V Drop Dead March of Empire 1993 7-inch
ART0002V Dry Bones Dry Bones 1993 7-inch
ART0003V Final Judgement Drastic Dose of Reality 1993 7-inch
ART0004V Godhead Malevolent Apostasy 1993 7-inch
ART0001C Royal Anguish Shocking the Priest 1993 Cassette
ART0002C Pale Horse Mournful 1993 Cassette
ART0003C Crawlspace Shelter 1993 Cassette
ART0004C Nonpoint Factor Depression '94 1994 Cassette


Screams of Abel magazine covered A.R.T Records extensively, and ended up announcing several planned projects that never came to be. Here is a record of many of the news announcements about A.R.T. Records from Screams of Abel:

  • Gothic Outcast is a new death metal band from Atlanta, GA that will be going into the studio in January 1993 to record their debut album.”
  • Up from the Underground Volume I will also be out by year's end and will feature cuts by: Deathless, Red Ink, Final Prophecy, Mortal Enemy, Habitat, Sacrament, Precious Death, Godhead, Akeldama, Embryo Chrysalys, Axe Master, and Royal Anguish.”
  • “Also to be featured in a future Up from the Underground EP will be the Florida hardcore band Ikthus.”
  • Final Prophecy will be recording their debut EP Portrait of a Decaying World in GLED Studios (Saigon Kick, Young Turk, and others recorded there). Their new drummer is ex-Royal Anguish's Tommy Taylor. Look for the EP in early 1993.”
  • “Congrats to both Florida grinders Royal Anguish and Maryland death metallers The Risen for both being signed to A.R.T. Records.”
  • “A.R.T. Records in Florida announces the upcoming release of Up From The Underground Volume with Godhead, Final Prophecy, Final Judgement, The Risen, Royal Anguish, Ikthus, and much more.”
  • “Also A.R.T. recently signed Portland, OR band The Clergy, which is described along the lines of L7. The Clergy received favorable review in a recent issue of Flipside Magazine.”
  • “Also coming soon will be the remix of Godhead's second demo, now an EP.”
  • “And the debut of Atlanta death metallers Gothic Outcast.”
  • Godhead will have a 7” on A.R.T. Records in January.“
  • “The label has been talking to Precious Death, Drop Dead, and Consecrator.”
  • “I hope this is the last time I have to post this: There WILL be a Split 7” after all with Maryland death metallers The Risen and Florida grindcore band Royal Anguish. The Risen will have “Mortal Decay” while Royal Anguish will have “Deny The Corpse.” The split 7” will be on A.R.T. Records. This is in response to earlier reports that there would be no split EP and then no split 7“ was planned.”
  • “A.R.T. also announced that they will be releasing a 7” of Texas death band Oblation later this spring.“