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Punk Rock
California, USA

G.V.A. stands for God's Victorious Army. G.V.A. started sometime in 1984 and lasted until 1985. David “Burrito” Villalpando and/or Dennis Rudolph started the band when Burrito was 23 years old. They went through three drummers before finding Dan Jacobs as their permanent drummer. At one point, G.V.A. was scheduled to play with Barren Cross, but Barren Cross canceled the show because they thought that metal and punk would not mix well. G.V.A. was one of many bands that called Radicals for Christ their home.

According to Dennis, the band generally wanted to take a more artistic approach without artificial “Christian” and “secular” divisions. Burrito want the band to be more explicitly evangelistic. This led Burrito to leave G.V.A. and start Conviction of Sin. He also went on to join Moral Majority before forming The Warning and Eightball Cholos. According to Dennis, Burrito and the band parted amicably.

G.V.A. played at least three more concerts after Burrito left with a replacement bassist. One of these shows was apparently at church, where the band was cut off halfway into the set. Dennis Rudolph went on to play guitar for Association of the Cross.

(Note that most of the information on this page came from an interview with Burrito in the December 1989 issue of The Cutting Edge or online comments from Dennis Rudolph.)


1985? Demo


198? Independent

Dennis Rudolph - Vocals, guitars
Burrito - Bass
Dan Jacobs - Drums