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Moral Majority

Punk Rock
Sunland, California, USA

In a Facebook comment, Sean Patrick Cohill said: “We need to find old Doc. Martin's Public access show where Moral Majority shot an interview and live set with Rich Carlstedt, Jill Redman, Sean Cohill, and Chris Whytalk. After which we met Giz. Just after playing that gig at Val's performing arts in Azuza. Tim Gains from Stryper was at the show. We recorded a demo which you should have the master. We also played like three other shows then split and Rich, Giz, Ted formed As MJ. Then became C.R.O.S.S. and history was set.” it is unknown if MJ is a different band or a shortened form of Moral Majority.

David “Burrito” Villalpando was in Conviction of Sin before joining Moral Majority (and G.V.A. before Conviction of Sin). The members of Moral Majority saw Conviction of Sin in concert and asked Burrito to join their band after seeing him perform.

Moral Majority also received heavy rotation on Jeani Bond's New Generation radio show with the song “Christianized Youth.”

The Southern California branch of Jerry Falwell's Moral Majority group heard about this band using the same name. They contacted the band Moral Majority and threatened legal action of they didn't stop using the name. So Burrito re-named the band Public Confession, a name that stuck with the band for only a few months.

Burrito decided to leave the band because he wanted to play with non-Christian bands, and other members of the band wanted to only play to Christian Punks. Burrito went on to form The Warning and then Eightball Cholos.

Doug also left the band at this time. The two members that were left (Richard and Izzy) changed the names of the band to Dead to Sin. Richard also went on to form The Israelites.

A live recording by the band went unreleased until they were released as part of the Godcore Series in 1989 by The Furnace Room. This project “was originally created to showcase the development of the California Godcore music scene by highlighting the bands at their creative live best. Due to unexpected technicalities, the project was scrapped but not before less than 100 sets had been produced and distributed to reviewers around the globe.” A 1989 issue of Burning Bush magazine reported that demos by Public Confession and Association of the Cross were also planned as part of this series, but those demos were never released.

In 2017, Burrito and David formed Godcore records with the intention of releasing demos by Moral Majority, Conviction of Sin, The Warning, and others. So far there have been no releases.

In 2020, Roxx Records released a compilation of demos by The Warning. A special edition came with a bonus disc that had all of the live songs from the Godcore compilation by Moral Majority.

(Note that much of the information on this page came from an interview with Burrito in the December 1989 issue of The Cutting Edge or online comments from various sources.)


1989 Live (Godcore Tapes part 2) The Furnace Room

Moral Majority Live

1989 The Furnace Room

Burrito - Vocals
Richard Carlstead - Guitar, background vocals
Doug Simenon - Bass
Ishmael (Izzy) - Drums

  1. God's Not Dead
  2. Jesus is God
  3. I Love You
  4. Jesus Loves You
  5. U.S. Decay
  6. Can Your Heart Still Cry
  7. Suck Em Up
  8. Satan Sucks
  9. Banned
  10. King of Kings
  11. Punk's Prayer
  12. Unknown

Unknown source:

  • Christianized Youth