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Alternative Rock
Lakewood, Colorado, USA

Bass player Chris Callaway was formerly in Glimpse of Reality and M.D..

From Chris: “Redxit was the band I was in while attending Colorado Christian University 91995]. I met Jimmy Humphreys (the guitarist/singer) in a theology class and we hit it off and decided to form a band. Jimmy was a California surfer dude and oozed cool. It was an honor to have him interested in forming a band with me. We quickly asked Mike Curran, someone I knew through another friend, to play drums.

There were other performances, including opening for The Prayer Chain and Starflyer 59 at Denver's historic Aztlan Theater, located on Santa Fe Drive. Twelve Tears, featuring my college roommate Brian, also opened the show.

By this time, we had added the extremely gifted Joe Whalen as an additional guitar player. I had always admired Joe's bass playing and initially felt a bit threatened. However, Joe was very kind and helpful. He provided a great advice that I may not have wanted to hear at the time, but it greatly helped with my growth as a musician.

This was my last show with the band. I wasn't easy to work with and the band wanted to make some changes to our sound. Rather than try to work out any differences, I left and didn't play in another band until Breathing Eve in 1999.”