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Glimpse of Reality

New Wave / Punk / Rap
Broomfield, Colorado

Glimpse of Reality started off with Chris Callaway on bass, Justin Ham as the “M.C.”, Chris Santopietro on drums, and Sam McGibbon on guitar. Chris had formerly been in a band called M.D. in the Boston suburbs in 1990 before moving to Colorado at some point.

From Chris: “Let me start off by saying we were a horrible band, but we had fun. It was a great hobby while in high school. I met Justin at the youth group held by the church I attended. Sam went to high school with us. I met Chris at a retreat in Estes Park, Colorado. He and I started talking when he heard me playing guitar. I asked him if he wanted to go back to my bunk room to see my cassette collection. He was a bit on the fence.

I eventually asked Justin to form a band with me. We devised our plans for a band while we were both eating Laffy Taffy outside the student store at Broomfield High School. Chris and Sam quickly joined. The first show was held in my basement in Broomfield, Colorado in June of 1992. Many of the folks in attendance are from the youth group that I attended with Justin Ham at Calvary Evangelical Free Church in Broomfield, Colorado.

The second show we performed in was a month later at Justin Ham's church, the Christian Church of Broomfield in Broomfield, Colorado. They were very kind to us. Remember, this was at a time when contemporary music could still be a bit suspect in churches. And we were loud.”

In October of 1992, the band opened for J.C. Crew at The Solid Rock Cafe. The Solid Rock Cafe is best known for being the starting place of Exhumator - the band that eventually morphed into Five Iron Frenzy. It was known as a gathering spot of sorts for local Christian bands in the early '90s.

By 1993, Sam McGibbon had left the band and Tony Carrell replaced him on guitar.

Chris on ho the band ended: “By this time, the Solid Rock Cafe had moved to a new home in Northglenn. This may have been our second to last - or last - show with all four members. I believe I said something stupid and Justin left. I certainly couldn't blame him. I was difficult to work with and tended to be a control freak. We played a final show as Glimpse of Reality when the Pope came to visit later that summer. It was in a parking lot at a church and we had a singer for some of the tunes and played a bunch of instrumental stuff. Chris and I continued to be close friends after that happened (and still are to this day). Tony and I would still hang out as well.”

After this, Chris joined bands such as Redxit, Breathing Eve, and Crash Orchid.


1992 Demo


1992 Independent

Justin Ham - M.C.
Sam McGibbon - Guitar
Chris Callaway - Bass
Chris Santopietro - Drums

  1. Make Some Noise
  2. Kick a Rhyme
  3. Grabbin' the Mic