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Crash Orchid

Alternative Rock
Denver, Colorado, USA

Bass player Chris Callaway was formerly in Breathing Eve, Redxit, Glimpse of Reality, and M.D.

From Chris: “When I moved back to Denver in '99 after two years in Nashville, I wanted to play live music again. Chad, a friend from college, had a band called Breathing Eve. The members decided to add me on bass. We had a great run and major label interest just after the band broke up; too bad it wasn't a few months prior! The band split into two new bands; Januar (Jeremy and Amy) and Crash Orchid (Chad and myself). Breathing Eve's drummer, Katie, played in both. It was a hard thing to do and she eventually settled into Januar. Meanwhile, we added my friend Mike on drums and the lineup was complete.

About 6 months later, Sean Kelly of the Samples contacted me and asked if we wanted to open up some Colorado shows. He had once told me that we should play a show together. I thought he was just being kind. We wound up opening 7 shows for the Samples. We finally got to experience a tiny taste of “life on the road.”

In 2007, Crash Orchid ended, but not before we released an EP and full-length album. Five years was a good amount of time and it was time to move on. Heather focused on professional dance and dance instruction. Mike, Chad and I went and formed Able Archer, with Matt Huseman leading the band. Matt had been signed to a major label in the '90s with his band Greenberry Woods and had a sizable following in Japan with his indie power pop band Splitsville. I felt like we had finally made it. After four years of playing shows and releasing music, I decided to leave to concentrate on writing. My book, “Reel to Real by Reel” was released in 2015. I'm currently shopping a children's picture book, while staying busy with my blog, Rock Music Opinions.”


200? (unknown ep)
200? (unknown full length)