Steve’s Corner January 2009

Man… sorry this issue was a little late getting out there. It was cram time for sure with all the holidays and stuff going on.  Thanks to Matt for pulling this one off, I constantly was saying, “I’ll get it to you today; I’ll get it to you today, blah, blah, blah.” It seems sometimes I just get a little ahead of myself. I am excited about this issue; there is a bunch of cool stuff. Brian‘s cover shot was cool. Rick McDonough has been generous with us and taking great photos that we need. We also have a sort of “collector’s edition” coming in the next couple of weeks. Originally we were doing a story on Gene Eugene. That story grew and grew and grew until we decided that it could fill up its own issue. Look for that soon, and then we should be back on track for the next issue to hit in April. The Gene story has numerous contributions from several band mates, friends and family. I hope that you find the story with Brian compelling, and maybe someone that you know will benefit from reading it. Now, a request… visit the website and leave us feedback. It helps to know what you guys think. I tend to write the way I like to read and I like reading more quotes from the artist and less from the writer, but in the end that ends up being long. So give us some feedback on how we’re doing. Have a great New Year!

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